The first occasion when I at any point went to West Jordan I thought it was a decent city. It’s anything but difficult to discover, simply go west of the Jordan River. It’s very large, covering 30 square miles. It is the fourth most crowded city in the state of Utah. One of the primary things I did there was to go to Jordan Landing, a large shopping center right off of west of Bangerter and between 7800 South 7000S.

The city of West Jordan is enormous to me. It has pretty much every sort of nourishment and shopping you could imagine. They even have outlet stores at Jordan Landing, which was extremely cool in light of the fact that the nearest ones were up in Park City, which was at least 45 minutes away. They have a Nike store, Banana Republic, Children’s Place, and a Famous Footwear. There is also a Ross, Bath and Body Works, Carters and a Downeast store too. It’s actually a really nice area to do some shopping. What I like most is it isn’t too crowded and never overly picked through. That tends to happen with the shopping areas around Salt Lake and Draper and Sandy.

The time came to move from a wonderful home in West Jordan and I needed a temporary place to stay, I knew it would probably be for about 6 – 8 months. There was a great deal of housing to browse through in West Jordan, and there were very moderate prices for homes and apartments. I didn’t know much about the territory, and I didn’t generally know anybody that lived there. Which didn’t appear to make a difference since it would have been impermanent. I observed what appeared to be a flawless place. A couple required somebody to rent for at least 4 months. It didn’t require first and the last month’s deposit like most places request, and the deposit was just $250. That was extremely important to me. It was in a flat complex with a pool and hot tub, and had a large play area out front of the condo. My children were pretty excited for that. I can in any case recall the day that I drove out to Serengeti Springs lofts. It was great, besides that, it was “OUT” there. I don’t think I had ever been that far west in the valley previously.

In the brief time period I lived there, we made some great friends, and the children had a ton of fun having so many playgrounds and parks so close. This was the first time I had lived in a condo complex with kids. It ended up being such a perfect gift. I could watch my kids go outside and play while I was working on various things around the house. They were continually requesting to run and play with the neighbor children, which made me so happy and grateful we moved to West Jordan.


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