VFC offers a great selection of vinyl gates. Without the perfect gate, how will you be able to admire both sides of your beautiful new vinyl fence? We offer several great models to correlate perfectly with your fence and provide ease as you move around your property. Check out the list below to find more information about the exact specifications and pricing available from VFC in Utah. Get a FREE Quote today!

Single Gate

Privacy – 3′ to 14′Picket – 3’to 10′Ranch Rail – 3′ to 12′1.75″ x 3.5″ Uprights5.5″ or 8″ Rails

Single Gates are manufactured to fit the gate opening, including any type of slope. The most popular Single Gate is our 4′ x 6′ tall privacy gate. It allows plenty of room to move garbage cans, lawn mowers, and even some ATV’s. A 10′ wide Single Gate is also large enough for small trailers, boats, and cars.

Double Gate

Privacy – 8′ to 24′Picket – 9’to 20′Ranch Rail – 8′ to 20′

Double Gates are designed for easy access when moving your favorite RV, boat, or trailer in and out of the yard or property. We help you determine what type of gate system best fits your need. The 4′ Remainder is our most popular gate system. The 4′ gate becomes a walk through gate and the remainder is fixed and made stationary with a drop rod.

Accent Top Gate

White, Tan, or BlackAvailable 68″ Tall (8.5″ Windows)Available 72″ Tall (12.5″ Windows)1.5″ Pickets w/ 3″ Spacing1.75 x 3.5″ Uprights

Enjoy the look of an Accent Top Gate! Its style gives the feel of privacy coupled with a picket top. Accent Top Gates are made with the same great quality as other gates. It is proportionally designed to give you 5 feet of privacy and a distinct semi-private top. Add a little accent to your gate today!

Semi Privacy Gate

Semi Private Gate

White or TanAvailable 68″ Tall or 72″ Tall3.5″ Top/Mid Rail, 5/5″ Bottom1″-3″ Spacing1.75″ x 3.5″ Spacing

Ornamental Gate

White or TanAvailable 68″ Tall or 72″ Tall3.5″ Smooth 3-Rail/li>1″ x 1″ Pickets w/ 3″ SpacingBoyscout & Arrowhead Caps1.75″ x 3.5″ Uprights

Semi Privacy Gates give you the feeling of seclusion, yet allows you to be part of the world around you. Semi Privacy Gates are great for swimming pool areas and shows its traditional styles at its best! Easy to class up your house, yard, or property with a Semi Private or Ornamental style gate!

Picket Gate

Scallop or Straight Top Picket Gates

White or TanAvailable 36″ Tall or 48″ Tall1.75″ x 3.5″ Rails3″ Pickets w/ 2.5″ SpacingSpade Picket Caps

In-Rail Picket Gates

White or TanAvailable 36″ Tall or 48″ Tall1.75″ x 3.5″ Rails3″ Pickets w/ 2.5″ Spacing</liDog Ear Picket Caps

Scallop or Straight Top Picket Gates are american classics! Its traditional look is long lasting and an excellent look for a gate. In-Rail Picket Gates are simply styled for a very clean look.

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