West Jordan is a city just south West of Salt Lake City with so much to offer. One of the biggest attractions that West City has to offer is the famous Gardner Village. It was established by Archibald Gardner who was one of the main pioneer explorers in Utah. In 1850, Gardner and his family begun setting up an establishment just west of the Jordan River. Logs were pulled by livestock from the Bingham Canyon to develop the first flour plant in West Jordan in the year 1853. Many other structures were eventually built and are now called Gardner Village.

Gardner Village has gone from flour processing plant to a well-known area for shopping and celebrations. Although the historic factory is long out of commission, each time you visit Gardner Village you are taking a trip back through Utah history.

When you step onto the grounds today, it feels like you return back to the pioneer days. There is a memorable feel as the buildings have been kept to their original look. It aids in the process of being a part of the early pioneer process industry. The memorable homes still seem as though they did more than 100 years back. Even though they are quaint and old, they are now decorated and filled with popular clothing, gifts, and unique items of fine workmanship. They are now memorable structures that make for a remarkable shopping experience here in West Jordan.

In the event that you are searching for something increasingly significant, in the core of Gardner Village, you will discover Archibald’s Restaurant. It is situated in the flour process where the story started. Serving lunch and supper, there is a flavorful menu with an assortment of dishes, plates of mixed greens, soups, pasta, steak, and fish. Fricasseed green tomatoes and breaded avocado are dishes you would prefer not to leave behind, as they are viewed as incredible in the town. You will appreciate an incredible dining cuisine while enjoying a rich history of West Jordan.

There is a plenty of activities and see at Gardner Village in West Jordan. With 20+ Specialty shops, craftsmanship and photograph exhibitions, you can go through throughout the day walking around the compound. Not only are there shops and restaurants to enjoy, but there are also workshops you can go to and learn different craftsmanship, including photography and painting.

On various occasions throughout the year, you can celebrate these events at the village. You can have birthday gatherings, have romantic dates, and send children to summer camps. There is a petting zoo with horse rides for the creature darlings. You can design occasions, gatherings, and weddings at Gardner Village. Along with Garner Village make sure you stop in and visit Jordan Landing with plenty of shopping and dining opportunities can be found with more than 2 million square feet of retail space. There are also industry leaders like Boeing, Sysco, and Dannon that call West Jordan their home. Come and visit Gardner Village and discover all the other places West Jordan has to offer.


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