Archibald Gardner was a Scottish outsider who was one of the first pioneer pilgrims in Utah in 1847. In the 1850’s, Gardner and his family started setting up the underlying foundations of an innovative center on the west side of the Jordan River. Logs were pulled by steed groups from the Bingham Canyon to construct the main West Jordan flour process in 1853. More than 20 years after the fact, the first plant was moved and a bigger plant was raised in its stead. Gardner Village has gone from a single flour mill built in 1877 to a popular destination for shopping and festivals, with the mill listed on the National Historic Register. Every time you visit Gardner Village, you are taking a tour of Utah history.


When you step onto the grounds today, it feels like you went back in time. There is a historic atmosphere reminding you of the early pioneer mill industry. The historic homes still look like they did over 100 years ago, but are now filled with trendy clothes, beautiful home decor, and art. Inside are specialty retail shops, on the outside, historic buildings that make for quite a unique shopping experience right here in West Jordan. There is something here for everyone. When you get hungry, you have 3 options to choose from depending on what you are in the mood for. There is Naborhood Bakery and cafe,  one of Utah’s oldest bakeries. You are sure to be satisfied with the assortment of our handmade goodies, memorable recipes, and farm fresh ingredients. It was originally in Sugarhouse and moved to Gardner Village in 2001. It continues to carry on the traditions of mouth-watering food with friendly service.


If you are looking for something more substantial, in the heart of Gardner Village you will find Archibald’s Restaurant. It is located in the flour mill where the story began. Serving lunch and dinner, there is a delicious menu with a variety of dishes, salads, soups, plates of pasta, steak, and seafood. Fried green tomatoes and breaded avocado are dishes you don’t want to pass up, as they are considered legendary in the village. You will enjoy a great dining experience, delicious food with a rich history.


A new addition to Gardner Village is Mystique Dining, where you can enjoy a year-round magical dining experience. With elaborate themes and decorations, this restaurant is designed for intimate mysterious and magical encounters, with an abundance of flavor.


There are a plethora of things to do and see at Gardner Village in West Jordan. With 20+ Specialty shops, art and photo galleries, you can spend all day strolling through the compound. At different times of the year, there are festivals to enjoy. You can host birthday parties, get romantic with date nights, and send kids to summer camps. There is a petting zoo with pony rides for the animal lovers. You can plan events, meetings, and weddings at Gardner Village. It’s hard to believe that you can find all of this right here in West Jordan.


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