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If you are a homeowner and you are contemplating putting up a fence, or hiring a fence contractor,  there are a few things to consider. What is your goal when it comes to the purpose of the fence. Is it to keep your kids and pets contained? Are you wanting more privacy? Is it to increase curb appeal? Or are you looking to increase the property value? You will want to make sure the fence you decide on will meet your particular needs and goals.

You will also want to take into consideration the initial cost of the fence as well as the cost of maintenance and repair. Make sure you look into neighborhood restrictions or HOA guidelines. Carefully choose what type of fence you need before making the investment. Lastly, put in some time and research in making sure you hire the right fence contractor.

Below are some recommendations for installing the best fence for you and your family.

Pick What Fence Fits Your Yard and Your Needs

Fences are installed for different reasons. There are particular styles that fulfill a particular purpose. Figuring out your main reason will help when choosing what kind of fence you want to be installed. Ask yourself why you need a fence, and let that answer guide you. Prioritize the needs over the wants. Looking at all your fence options is important as well.

At Vinyl Fence Connection you have these style options to choose from: Privacy, semi-privacy, accent top, picket, ranch rail, wrought iron, chain link & SimTek. Each style offering its own purpose and value. Obviously you wouldn’t choose a picket fence or ranch rail to keep small animals or children contained. And if you are wanting to create a private secluded backyard you wouldn’t choose a chain-link fence. Get to know your style options and figure out which one meets your needs.

Cost and Maintenance

Consider how much money you want to spend on installation, then the time and money you will spend maintaining your fence. Fence styles have a variety of price ranges. Choose what fits your budget and fulfills your needs currently and for the future.


HOA Check

If you are part of an HOA, you may not have much say in the type of fence. Check the standards and guidelines for height and materials before proceeding. If guidelines and procedures are not followed you may risk facing legal and enforceable fines. As well as the possibility of having to remove the fence.


Choose the Right Fence Contractor

If you are ambitious, you may want to try fencing a yard on your own. This does, however, require specialized tools, and is very laborious. Consider hiring a professional fence contractor to guarantee your fence is installed quickly and correctly. Make sure the fence company has all the proper licenses and will get all necessary permits. Research the company & read their reviews. Ask to see past jobs and references. Most reliable fence companies will get you whatever you ask for when it comes to verifying their reputation. Rely on our professional fence contractor at Vinyl Fence Connection for all your fencing needs. Call today (801) 406-8370.

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