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Good fences adorn homes and increase their value. They also demarcate boundaries, whether they’re tangled and complicated, or straight and simple. They enhance privacy and provide security. When choosing a fence for your residence, it is important to consider the structure’s age or style. Wood and ornamental fences often suit older homes. But for newly constructed or modern homes, vinyl and composite fences often fit better.

Aesthetics and functionality, seclusion, and security are among the primary reasons why people choose to build fences around their properties. But the most common consideration on people’s minds is the cost of putting a fence in.

Each type of fencing material offers its distinct pros and cons. From beauty to functionality, we provide a breakdown on each to help you make a decision which material to choose for your perimeter.

Metal Fences

aluminum fence photo - benefits of a new fence

Steel Fence Photo by Mr. Leeds

Steel and aluminum are the hottest sellers now. It’s also a popular choice among folks with pets or would like to keep the wild animals out of their property. Steel or aluminum fencing can complement a century-old structure as well as a contemporary one?

Both these two fencing materials are low-maintenance. To clean it, you can just wash it with water or spray anti-mold products. However, you may want to check it periodically for rust or corrosion.

Similar in durability to other metal and aluminum styles are chain-link fences. These are a popular option in schoolyards and playgrounds. Today’s chain-link fences are now coated for rust protection. If done correctly, they look great. What’s even great about them is that they are the least expensive, very low-maintenance, and can last for a long time. And if you’re looking to replace them, it can be relatively easy too.

The downside, however, to chain-link fences is that they don’t offer much privacy or security. If you’re planning to set up one, or any kind of fence, you may need to check the regulations in your community or homeowners’ association.

Custom-Made, Artisan Fences

Do you want to match your fence with the aesthetic designs of your home? Look for decorative fences that complement your outdoor setting. You can choose from forged iron or bronze, welded together to create a beautiful design. Like metal, these materials also require little maintenance; however, it may cost more.

Wood Fences

wood fence photoYou might want to avoid cedar posts; they tend to rot faster, although cedar panels would do just fine. Cedar does well in the weather, just not in the ground. If you wish to put a decorative effect to your yard, look for split rail or round-rail fences.

Wood fencing is cost-efficient. The downside, however, is that they tend to last only up to 10 to 15 years. The material also requires high maintenance. Bamboo is a great material too. Contemporary designs with bamboo are also popular options among environmental advocates.

Vinyl and Composite Fence

Low-maintenance and long-lasting, vinyl is a beautiful option for your fencing needs. To clean it, all you need is water; or you can use a cleaner to remove the mold. Composite material, on the other hand, can be designed to look like wood. It looks great if you want to achieve a traditional or contemporary look.

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